Brian Schwartz earned his undergraduate degree in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University.  In addition to his production duties behind the scenes, Brian is an on camera anchor and correspondent for Kieserman Media.  Brian also conceived and hosted Health and Wellness the Game Show to promote the online series "Health and Wellness".

Joan Serota takes care of guest relations for The Brian and Lee Show.  Joan books and confirms each week's guest.  In addition, Joan assists in the development of ideas for the show.

Brian Schwartz

Vice President

Lee Schwartz has been a successful executive, consultant, entrepreneur, teacher, advisor, and radio show host for more than a quarter of a century.  By viewing life’s challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles, Lee escaped a bleak childhood to fulfill all of his expectations for success. His life journey has taken him from poverty to meeting the President in the White House.  Lee earned an MBA degree from Drexel University and went on to teach business skills at the Community College of Philadelphia for 10 years.

As a street smart executive, Lee manages people, projects and companies. He has planned and executed scores of projects.  As radio show producer and host, Lee has spoken with some of the most interesting and stimulating people on the planet. He has interviewed hundreds of authors, celebrities, psychologists, physicians and others.  He has gained wisdom the hard way through time-tested experience and by gathering information from everyone he meets. He is the author of the book, "Lessons Of Life: A Survival Manual."

Joan Serota

Executive Producer

Lee Schwartz